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Rosemary Shortbread 2

About Us


Rose + Spruce is a labor of love that was cooked up at the height of the pandemic when it was no longer possible to share baked goods with friends, family, and colleagues on a regular basis. We specialize in pies, cookies and fudge and can't wait to bake for your next occassion!

As a cozy home bakery, customers can expect lovingly baked and impeccably packaged treats that no one can resist.

Without the bustle of a storefront, we are able to focus on our special occasion desserts and gifting. All of our goods are handcrafted, baked, and served with a side of love. 


Jessica Rose


Jessica, known to some as "Little Tiny Jess", started Rose + Spruce in 2021 in an effort to keep her passion for baking alive despite being stuck at home with no one to bake for. Aptly nicknamed the Little Tiny Bake Shop, this new venture was the perfect way to share that passion with small orders and contactless delivery.

Jessica has been baking since she was a child, "helping" make apple pie with her father as early as 5 years old. Since then, she has perfected various recipes and shared this love with friends and family through holiday treats, dessert parties, and birthday gifts. Specialties include, but are not limited to, pies, cookies, fudge, and the occasional cheesecake. Jessica derives the most fulfillment from trying, and then tweaking, new recipes. Thank you, Pinterest!

Outside of baking, Jessica has a love of cheese, charcuterie, travel, and wine. When not working at her day job in Executive and People Operations, Jessica regularly curates happy hours, charcuterie boards, and wine pairings. 

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